Doping Control

iso-enDoping Control is conducted by the Agency by means of the DCOs appointed and dismissed by the director of the Agency. The DCO is in the position of the public official during the doping control.

(1) The Agency carries out doping control
a) on its own initiative,
b) at the request of the sports association,
c) at the request of international sports organization,
d) at the request of the competition organizers.

(2) The costs of doping controls carried out at the request shall be borne by the person who requests the control. The doping control costs shall be borne by the national sports association if it organizes a major competition, regardless of whether or not it requested the doping control.

(3) The method of athlete selection and names of selected athletes on a competitive doping control may not be disclosed before the delivery of invitation for competitive doping control to the selected athlete.

SADA is a holder of ISO 9001/2016 Certificate for Testing
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